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What we do

Wolf PM is an official and experienced company that provides all the services needed to take care of any kind of property whether you need pure Property Management or you want to combine it with Rental Management.

    • Wolf Property Management - MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (full management) supervises and gives maintenance to residences, apartment buildings, condominiums and vacation homes as well as supervise gardening, cleaning ladies, make house inspections, handle repairs, handle all your bill payments (water, electric, propane, trust / fideicomiso, telephone, internet, property tax, etc.), and more.

    • Wolf Rental Management - VACATION RENTAL PROGRAM, includes advertising your property, handling inquiries and client relations, concierge, tax payment, yield management, pre-arrival cleaning and supervision, guests reports and reviews and more.

Our company is dedicated to serving the property owner! We realize that, as an owner of a property that is not occupied year round, you are in need of a prompt and reliable service. You deserve just that, and you can count on Wolf Property Management to meet your needs.

Owning a property thousands of miles from home involves maintaining control via long distance and the fact is it doesn't work out effectively without professional assistance.

Let us keep things running smoothly while you're away so that when you arrive you can relax and enjoy your stay in this great paradise.

That's where we come in. Our experience and attention to details will make a significant difference in the condition and yield of your property.

Wolf PM can handle all the problems and headaches of ownership, while allowing you the time for enjoyment of the benefits.

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