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The Good & Bad of Los Barriles

The Good

  • Prices for real estate are about 50% cheaper than in Cabo San Lucas, or San Jose Del Cabo. This extreme difference will not last. We believe Los Barriles is a good investment at this time.
  • People are very friendly and the town isn't turistic like Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo.
  • The Sea of Cortes is calmer then the Pacific ocean. This makes fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving a lot more pleasant. In Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo swimming can be very dangerous.
  • There are no high-rise hotels.
  • Incredible fishing.
  • Extremely low crime rate.
  • It is quieter and more peaceful.
  • The locals are welcoming to newcomers.
  • There is an excellent school system.
  • Two new golf courses are coming.
  • You can buy organic fruits and vegetables.
  • There is a good medical clinic with highly qualified doctors.
  • Los Barriles is one of the premier kite boarding and windsurfing destinations in the world. We believe prices will continue to rise as a result of the increasing popularity of kite boarding. When Hood River, Oregon became a popular windsurfing spot, real estate prices there skyrocketed.
  • Los Barriles has an ample supply of water.
  • You are only 50 minutes from the Los Cabos Airport.
  • La Paz is only an hour and a half away.

The Bad

  • Most of the homes are located on dirt streets which can be bumpy and dusty.
  • In the winter, there are a lot of windy days.
  • There are only a couple of high-end restaurants.
  • It's an hour and a half drive to get to Costco, Home Depot and Wal-Mart.
  • It gets hotter in the summer than the Pacific coast towns.
  • The town shuts down about 10 p.m. There is not much nightlife.
  • If you love shopping, you have to drive to Cabo San Lucas or San Jose Del Cabo.
  • Most gringo leave for the summer, although a few diehards do stay.
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