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Whale Watching (only from January to March; reserve several days/weeks in advance)

Discover the thrill of whale watching, from spouting to breaching, sounding and spy hopping. The Sea of Cortes boasts nine species of whales and warm waters that draw thousands of wintering whales every year. Some of these are the Gray, Blue, Humpback and Pilot whales.

Baby´s being born, males being showoffs, feeding, breaching and playing the love game are usual sights we encounter everyday in our tours.

The encounters with these magnificent marine mammals are unique with our boats getting you to the hot spots in almost no time

Wolf Management will setup everything you need so you can experience this incredible tour.

Special considerations

  • Season STARTS each year: late December
  • Season ENDS each year: early April
  • Temperature during these months is around 65°F to 74°F (18°C to 22°C)
  • Tour duration is 2 days. It is an all inclusive package with cultural visits to know more from Mexico.
  • Includes hotel with rooms equipped with 2 queen size beds each. Limited king size available.
  • Includes transportation and beverages (water, beer, soft drinks) while travelling.
  • Includes meals.
  • Gratuities for the Captain are not included.

Tour Plan

  • First day
    • Leave at 08:00 hrs. and arrive at 13:00 hrs.
    • Small / brief lunch
    • Whale Watching for 1 hour once you arrive
    • Afterwards we will take you to Bahía Magdalena’s local town (pueblo)
    • Luxury dinner that includes Lobster, Shrimp, Fish, Seafood  combination (Mariscada), Salad, etc.
  • Second day
    • Breakfast (Burritos)
    • Whale Watching for 2 hours
    • Light Lunch (Quesadillas, Guacamale, Salsa)
    • Depart to Los Barriles around 12:30 hrs. arriving at 17:30 hrs.
  • Bring hat, camera, film, sunscreen.


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