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El Cardonal and surrounding areas - DUMP / GARBAGE NOTICE

March 4th, 2021


Dear homeowners & residents,

Starting March 5th 2021, the El Cardonal sub-Delegation in coordination with the Los Barriles Delegation (El Cardonal reports to Los Barriles) and Los Barriles police department, have implemented a "dump management" process due to the lack of control and increased amount of garbage in the area.

Attached is the official letter released which in summary states:

- There is a lack of control of how things are dumped

- There will now be a controlled access to the dump

- There will be a controlled schedule to access the dump

- There will be new CHARGE to be able to unload trash or garbage which will depend on the vehicle size:

a) 12 sq. meters dump loads = $200 pesos

b) 7 sq. meters dump loads = $150 pesos

c) Large pick up trucks, trailers, etc. = $100 pesos

d) Standard or small vehicles = $50 pesos

- These charges will fund the security person and have a fund to use a machine (e.g. backhoe) to arrange the dump as needed.

- There will be a gate with a padlock controlled by the security person.

- Security person will provide a payment receipt and will also let know the people where to unload their cargo.

- Apart from these new dump rates, a new initiative with the police, neighbor watch groups, etc., will take place to report any person or company dumping loads on the "arroyos", which is illegal.

- Any person or company caught dumping at the arroyos or public areas will be fined with $8,500 pesos

We are wishing all of you a safe and Happy New Year!

At your convenience, please inform your workers, crews, companies about this change.

Wolf PM

Download file

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