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Property Management

At Wolf PM our Full Property Management/Maintenance services include but are not limited to:

  • We check your property on a regular basis and supervise the work of your gardener, maid and other services.
  • We make sure your property remains in a good condition. We inform you of any repair needs immediately, collect & ompare competitive bids for you and supervise them from start to end.
  • If a hurricane is on its way, we ensure that the property is prepared.
  • Before an arrival, we have the property ready and functioning.
  • We can contract any communication services for you be it internet, telephone, cell phone, satellite TV or others.
  • We pay all utility bills and other regular bills for you.
  • We send you comprehensive monthly statements on the account balance we manage for you.
  • We are available for you at any time in case of emergencies or questions.

The above is only a fraction of what our solutions may include.


At Wolf Property Management clients always come first and we know that each of you has different needs. Considering this we offer you three service options in order to suit your specific needs:

Services / Solutions

Wolf Cub Solution

Wolf Condo Solution

Mexican Wolf Solution

Black Wolf Solution

Gray Wolf Solution

Payment of Electricity bills
Payment of water bills
Payment of Telephone bills
Payment of Satellite TV bills
Payment of Propane bills
Payment of Annual Trust (Fideicomiso)
Payment of Property Tax (Predial)
Payment of HOA Dues (if applicable)
Payment of workers (maid, pool service, gardening….)
Concierge Services
Monthly / Yearly statements
Pre-arrival preparationn/a
Vacancy preparation (*)n/a
Supervision of workers (maid, gardener, pool service i/a)n/a
Payment & Supervision Water truck servicen/aExtra chargeExtra charge
Payment & Supervision Fumigation servicen/aExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra charge
Payment & Supervision A/C maintenancen/aExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra charge
Tenant relations & vacation rental handlingn/aExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra charge
Hurricane preparationn/aExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra charge
Payment & Supervision of Car maintenance servicen/aExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra charge
Emergency service (*)n/aExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra charge
House inspections per monthn/a1124
Airport pickup/taxiExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra charge
Payment & Supervision of building maintenance & repairs (*)n/aExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra charge
Re-manifest property, construction, remodeling, etc.n/aAsk for quoteAsk for quoteAsk for quoteAsk for quote
Pre-stock your fridgen/aExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra chargeExtra charge

Notes (*)

  • If a service is required, but not included in your package/solution, an extra charge applies. Feel free to ask us about it.
  • Vacancy preparation
    • Includes storing outdoor furniture, covering indoor furniture, securing all type of connections (power, water, propane, etc.) and others.
  • Emergency Service
    • If you require emergency assistance during the hours not included in your package, an extra charge per hour will apply.
  • Supervise building maintenance & repairs
    • Includes all appliances, furniture, building structure, irrigation system, pool, remodeling, painting, plumbing, electricity and others.